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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I expect for the first session? 

Answer: The first session is 55 minutes. The session will be comprised of an intake which includes questions pertaining to history as well as presenting concerns. A treatment plan will be developed and it may include assessment, psychotherapy, referrals, and or recommendations.  

Question: How long are therapy sessions? 

Answer: Depending upon the form of payment or insurance, sessions are 45 or 55 minutes. Please confirm with Dr. Cantrell regarding what services your insurance will cover.  


Question: How long are psychological evaluations?  

Answer: Depending on the evaluation it can take place over the course of one or several sessions. Please contact Dr. Cantrell for specifics regarding the referral question. 

Question: Do you have a late cancellation/no show fee? 

Answer: Dr. Cantrell charges for a late cancellation or no show if not provided notice within 24 hours. She does provide email appointment reminders to prevent these surcharges. 

Question: How do I know the cost of my copay, co-insurance, or if I have a deductible? 

Answer: You can call your insurance on the customer relations line and ask about your behavioral health benefits prior to the first session. 

Question: What types of questions do I need to ask insurance to determine eligibility for out of network benefits? 

Answer: A. "Do I have out of network benefits." B. "Do I have an out of network deductible." C. "How much is my out of network deductible." D. "Once my deductible is met, how much will you reimburse me for the following CPT codes..." The CPT codes are listed under the "Cost of Services" tab. E. "How do I submit the claim to insurance directly since my provider is not in network with your insurance and does not submit billing to insurance directly."   

Question: What if I want to terminate? 

Answer: You can terminate treatment at any time. The patient is responsible for the cost of services rendered. 

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